Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why did my toe nails turn blue? help!?

ok so it's really nasty but i need help. okok so like bothe of my both toes, under my toe nail, are like blue. it's gross. is it a funguss or something? how would you get a toe funguss? how do you get rid of it? oh and btw, it's not from stubinging them or something. i think i would remember if i did lol. but it's really weird and ONLY under the nail of my big toe. HELPPP??!

oh and- only one of them is blue. the other is yellowish. it looks like an old persons toe ahah and the other is blue and has like a bump

Why did my toe nails turn blue? help!?
You could have gotten something stuck in there, as strange as it might seem. Is it itchy? Does it hurt? We need more information...

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